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Air Quality

Thompson Environmental Consulting provides a complete range of air quality services to help you reach compliance with state and federal codes. We provide liaison services between you and the regulatory agency, acting as the voice for you and your business. Our services include:

Pre-Construction Permitting (PSD and non-PSD)

TEC prepares pre-construction permit applications, both under PSD and non-PSD regulations. Our team thoroughly understands all requirements associated with application and maintenance of PSD and non-PSD permits. We will use our expertise to guide you through the process so that you make the most of our help and reach compliance for pre-construction and non-PSD you need.

Operating Permits (Title V, Voluntary)

We prepare and review dozens of original Title V permit applications for our clients. Annual emission inventories are prepared, then after final permits have been issued, semi-annual compliance and monitoring reports are prepared and submitted for the locations permitted.

Dispersion Modeling

TEC maintains three modeling software licenses. Our team has completed extensive training in modeling theory and procedures. We also participate in IDNR task forces that develop today’s modeling guidelines (for non-PSD modeling).

Stack Testing

TEC provides a full range of engineering and compliance stack testing as well as CEM certification. We will help you determine what level of compliance your business or project is reaching with emission limits. Should we find any violation to these regulations, we will help you develop a solution best suited for your needs that also meets those regulations.

Emission Inventories

TEC develops emission inventories for pre-construction permitting, Title V permits, and minor source EIQs for a wide range of clients.

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)

TEC provides LDAR (VOC) survey programs required by NSPS and NESHAPS.

Risk Management Plan (RMP)

We develop Risk Management Plans for a wide range of facilities and industries. To maintain the plans we develop, we complete annual facility reviews and 5-year re-certifications of each plan.