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Other Services

TEC can provide additional services beyond air, water, and land quality consulting. We also offer general compliance services, like site assessments, facility audits, environmental tracking, and more. Our complete list of services include:

Environmental Regulatory Audits

Our team of consultants has extensive experience with the conduct of regulatory audits covering state, federal, and local regulations for facilities throughout the Midwest.

Phase I Site Assessments

The TEC team has over 15 years of experience with Phase I Site Assessments and has served on the ASTM 50.02 Committee since 1988. On the committee, we worked with the EPA Negotiated Rulemaking Process to develop the new Code of Federal Regulations Part 312. This is defined as all appropriate inquiry and the subsequent ASTM revision of the E-1527 Standard Conduct of a Phase I Site Assessment. We actively took part in the original development of the Phase I process standard and the 1997, 2000, and 2005 revisions.

Tier II Submissions (EPRCRA)

We prepare comprehensive annual EPRCRA Tier II reports for a wide variety of facilities and industries, completed with your project goals in mind.

Form R Submissions (SARA Title III)

At TEC, we have extensive experience with the compilation of information and submittal of Section 313, Form R reports. These technical documents can be hard to follow. We translate these documents for you and help you gather the information you need, and then we help you complete and submit the forms.

Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)

Our staff can assist you with understanding RCRA rules and regulations. We interpret these codes for you and implement them for Fortune 100 companies to ensure all compliance standards are being met. We ease the compliance process for your company’s needs.

Environmental Tracking

We set up and implement environmental tracking systems at a wide range of facilities for a variety of industries. TEC also develops on-site and secure web-based systems.

Health and Safety Program Development and Administration

Our team assists with the development of OSHA-required health and safety written programs, employee training, and recordkeeping.